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We at Geysa believe that our double wall vacuum insulated bottles are the best out there, that's why we guarantee every product with a limited lifetime warranty against manufacturer defects! Although our lifetime warranty does not cover ordinary wear and tear, including dents, scratches, chips from the bottle being dropped, damaged, etc., it does cover manufacturing defects.

Before submitting a warranty claim, please read the following:

Leaking lids: If you notice a leak simply fill out our form below. Please note you may be required to send us a photo of your lid to validate the claim. 

Bottles that no longer insulate: You can test the insulation property of your bottle at home by adding boiling hot water to the bottle. After 5 minutes, feel the outside of the bottle (below the neck). If you feel any hot spots, the vacuum has been compromised and you are eligible for a replacement.

The limited warranty provided by Geysa only covers manufacturing defects and does not include any damage or defect of any Geysa products, caused by, whether directly or indirectly, any of the following: (i) improper use or misuse of the product; (ii) damage or defect caused by cleaning, disassembly, alterations or modifications; or (iii) damage or defect caused by or resulting from wear and tear, abuse or fire.

If you believe you have a defective bottle, and desire to make a warranty claim, please fill out the form below: